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YSNP electric motor

YSNP электродвигатель

YSNP electric motor

YSNP series cement rotary kiln main frequency conversion three-phase asynchronous motor

YSNP series three-phase asynchronous motor with frequency conversion and speed regulation for the main drive of cement rotary kiln is a special series product developed according to the working conditions of the main transmission equipment of cement rotary kiln.


The electromagnetic design, structural design and insulation system design of the motor not only consider the adaptability to the variable frequency power supply and wide range of variable frequency speed regulation, but also reflect the characteristics of the working conditions of the main transmission equipment of the cement rotary kiln. The low-speed starting torque can reach the rated torque 2.5 times, and there will be no large starting current impact. The fully enclosed axial blower ventilation cooling method can not only ensure the cooling effect of the motor in the entire speed regulation range, but also enable the motor to operate safely and reliably in the harsh environment with large dust.


Motor performance

1. The data in the technical data sheet should work according to the following conditions:

 a. The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

 b. The temperature of the primary cooling medium entering the motor does not exceed 40 ℃;

c. The motor is in continuous operation (S1).

2. The performance of the motor meets the requirements of the national standard GB 755 "Quota and Performance of Rotating Motors".

3. The insulation class of the motor is class F, and it can also be made into class H according to user requirements. The internal insulation structure of the motor has the adaptability to the inverter output high carrier frequency voltage.

4. When the motor power level is 400kW and below, the rated voltage is 380V and the rated frequency is 50Hz. When the motor power level is 450kW and above, the rated voltage is 690V and the rated frequency is 50Hz.

5. The motor speed range is wide. Below the rated frequency, it is constant torque speed regulation. Under the condition of open loop U / f control, the constant torque speed regulation ratio is 1:17; under the condition of vector control, the constant torque speed regulation ratio ≥ 1:50 .

 6. The motor has strong overload capacity. At rated voltage and rated frequency, it can withstand 250% overload of rated torque for 1min.

7. Under the condition that the starting current does not exceed 250% of the rated current, the starting torque at low-frequency starting can reach 250% of the rated torque.


Structure Introduction

1. The protection grade of the motor is IP44, and it can also be made into IP54 and IP55 as required.

2. The cooling method of the motor is IC416 (fully enclosed, axial blower cooling).

3. The basic installation type of the motor is single shaft extension, horizontal foot installation (IMB3), or double shaft extension (IM1002) can be made as required.

4. The position of the outlet box of the motor is on the top of the transmission end of the machine base (motor with frame size 450 and below) or on the top side (motor with frame size 500).

5. According to customer needs, the motor can be installed with speed measuring device and temperature measuring and temperature limiting protection components.