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YVFZ three phase AC motor

Трехфазный двигатель переменного тока YVFZ

YVFZ three phase AC motor


YVFZ series metallurgical and hoisting variable frequency speed regulating three-phase asynchronous motor


Standard design data

Standard GB755 IEC

Voltage 380V (400-450mm), 660V (500-560mm)

Cooling method IC416 (independent axial fan, or centrifugal fan)

Independent fan voltage three-phase, 380V

Frame size 400-560mm

Rated frequency 50HZ

Insulation class F

Installation form IMB3

Working method S3-40% for lifting and metallurgy

Protection class IP54

Overload multiple At rated voltage and rated frequency, 150% rated current is allowed to overload for 1 minute

Altitude does not exceed 1000m


YVFZ series cage frequency conversion motors play a huge role in metallurgy, paper making, water conservancy, port, mining, rubber, plastics, petroleum and chemical industries. The use of low-voltage high-power variable-frequency and variable-speed three-phase asynchronous motors with low-voltage high-power frequency converters can form an ideal, efficient, economical and reliable variable-speed transmission system. Fully closed structure, without slip ring and carbon brush, suitable for use in various environments. This series of motors are designed and manufactured using today's advanced technology, with compact and beautiful appearance, depressive installation and debugging, easy maintenance, and reliable operation. The installation size and power level of the motor conform to the relevant standards of IEC, and the performance complies with the relevant regulations of GB755. It can replace other types of medium speed motors and similar foreign products


Structure and characteristics

The motor adopts high-grade cast iron structure base with the internationally popular orthogonally distributed radiating ribs, which has good heat dissipation and beautiful appearance.

The winding coil adopts Class F insulation and vacuum pressure dipping paint, which improves the reliability of the motor.

High-precision rotor balancing system greatly reduces motor vibration and noise.

Aiming at different center heights, the motor adopts double-bearing and triple-bearing structures to improve the reliability of the motor operation.

Thermal protection elements such as electric heaters, PT100, PTC, and thermal protection switches can be added to the motor.

The variable frequency speed-regulating motor can be installed with feedback components such as encoders and speed measuring generators.

The bearing is equipped with a non-stop refueling device.

This series of motors have the characteristics of large overload capacity..


Application industry Driven equipment

Steel rolling mill, coiling machine, balancing machine, tension machine, shearing machine

Water treatment

Oil pumping unit, oil and gas transportation, drilling rig

Power plant Induced draft fan, feed water pump, coal conveyor

Marine boilers, compressors, thrusters

Pulp making machine, extrusion machine

Variable speed system experiment generator

Cement rotary kiln, conveyor

Rubber and plastic mixer, extruder

Food Sugar Machine