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Z4 Motor

Z4 Motor

Z4 DC motor

        Z4 series DC motor adopts new design, which has the characteristics of small volume, small inertia, light weight, large output power, high efficiency, high reliability, good safety performance, and has better dynamic performance than Z2 and Z3 series motors. More suitable for use as a power source and executive motor in control systems that require smooth adjustment, automatic speed stabilization, and responsiveness



Technical data at a glance

Power range: 1.5-600 kW

Rated armature voltage:220-660V

Shaft height:100 to 450 mm

speed:Up to 4000 rpm

Protection level:IP21S, IP23, IP44 and IP54

structure type:IM B3, IM B35, IM V1, etc.

Cooling type:IC06 / IC17 / IC37 / IC W37 A86

Stator design:Full lamination

Standards compliant:IEC, DIN, GB




Brief description

Customer benefits

· High power density and small size

· Adopt VPI vacuum pressure dipping paint class F insulation system, can withstand short-term overload operation

· Low loss through high efficiency

· Using an optimized current circulation system to achieve a long brush life


typical application

· Copper wire drawing machine for small metallurgy industry

· Extruders and small mixers in the rubber and plastics industry

· Stainless steel rolling mill

· Shearing machine for paper industry

· Auxiliary motors in large metallurgical industry